09 2 / 2012

Fighting colours, or friendly tones? Just matching contrasts!

In 2009, when I had already left Italy for good, I started noticing that fashion in OZ is totally different. I used to live in a village outside of Milan; I remember that, if I was to go out and by some bread I would put make up on, smart clothes, and nice shoes.


Everyone in Italy is obsessed with the way the look and with fashion. That’s because, thanks goodness, thousands of little fashion companies still design and produce great apparels. Here, outside of Sydney, people are relaxed, which is good… well, maybe a way in between would be fine. But who cares?! As long as people are happy.

Anyway, in 2009 I started to keep an eye on Italian and European fashion, not to stay backward. I noticed that shirts with contrast were starting in male apparel. Now they are sold everywhere (there) and I LOVE THEM. 

It’s 2012 and they are starting to be present here too… some.

Blue shirt with paisley contrasts

Anyway, contrasts on shirts are  fresh and IN and make you look cool, different, unique!

When I wear my contrasts shirts I always get nice praise from people “Nice shirt! Where didi you get it? I bet you can’t find it here!”. Well, you can, form Camixa or looking in some chic boutique.

Contrasts are generally on the collar and cuffs: some times they are on the , placket or on / under the eventual ruffles. 

The most common contrasts shirts are black and white, or better, white shirt with black contrasts; but we are talking about BW some other times. There are also tone on tone contrasts (using different fabrics) or, bold contrasts, can come from different fabrics and different colours.

Shirt with tartan contrasts

Contrasts can be done with 2 different solid colours, but they generally are made of solid/prints or prints/prints.

pin striped shirt with beige contrasts

da Nara


And this is me:

05 9 / 2011

White shirts have always been the key to a smart and successful look. Naïf, pure and sophisticated at the same time, pristine white shirts look great on anyone. White is pure light; what, better than white can brighten someone’s face? Wear it with a pair of jeans to play down the serious tones and have a more friendly feel; match it with an skirt for a feminine and elegant look -and to strike that business customer with your professional appearance! Wear stiletto heels, trendy bag and shiny lipstick to go out with your friends for a drink, and you are a winner. Always keep a good selections of styles of pristine white shirt in your closet. They are your faithful collaborator for a successful look every time.